Specialised software development

Are you a big business with big problems? 

In today’s market, competitive edge is everything. Gain an edge through software.

We meet with you and discuss your requirements

All projects start with a conversation between humans. We like to keep it light and informal to keep the creative juices flowing.  In this step we will discuss problems your business is facing. 

We do a focus session with the team

We take your problems back to the team and brainstorm creative solutions in our focus sessions. 

We spread the love

We take your app back to the team and get everyone excited. At this stage we will assess how much effort and work is required. If you like what you hear we move to the next step.

Design and Development

Sit back and let us do the work. We build, design and put all processes in place to launch your ideal software solution. After the first testing round we sit down for another conversation. If you like what you see we deploy your software. If you think we missed the mark we rinse and repeat until you are comfortable.

Advanced Integration

We love technology and care about the process of making your software a success.

Whether you need deep and complex integration or something completely new or revolutionised we build it. Maybe you need integration into ISPs, into banks, government apis or need a new angle to integration. We can assist.

What we can do

We build full solutions. This means if you require integrations, web interfaces or additional features to be built. We can innovate and build them. Below are some of the additional features we can build.

  • System integration with 3rd party apis.
  • Maps integration.
  • Embedded systems, if you have a requirement to have your mobile app control a device we can build this.
  • Payment integration.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision and character recognition.
  • Barcode scanning.
  • Advanced UI widgets for your custom apps.
  • Web interfaces for updating and creating content on your app.
  • Scaling, if you are expecting a lot of users we can scale your apps.
  • Extensive business logic, if you have a complex business we can build these rules into your app.
  • Augmented Reality Apps.

If you are unsure if we can do it, enquire below.

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